Thursday, 12 June 2014

ABC - A Birthday Cushion

I have already shared photos of these items on my Facebook page because I was so excited about completing my first cushion I just couldn't hold off.  However, here is the little story around it.

 I have just completed the most gigantic crosses quilt for someone (this one deserves its own post once it is with its new owner).  While making it however, I did fall a little bit in love with the design.  I was once a skeptic - it is very "now" to make crosses and I have never been very hip and with it really :).  What I really love about the design, apart from the play of light and dark you can do, is the fact it really showcases your fabrics in an interesting way.  It also makes less modern fabrics look a little more contemporary.  Like these ones I used for example. 

Now, mustard and dark green are not really my thing (although, having said that, each of these fabrics came straight from my stash, many of them much whittled away so go figure).  However, the cushion was for my father's birthday and so my mother chose the colour scheme to match their new home.  Some of these fabrics appeared in a quilt I made for her so hopefully that means they harmonise a bit too.

I was pretty happy at my first attempt at a cushion.  Thanks to some advise from friends, lots of reading and re reading of cushion tutorials and a (wise) decision to make an envelope rather than a zip back it all worked out.

So much so I still had the inclination to make a matching mug rug for him as a surprise!

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