Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Buzz, Buzz! And some more blocks.

With the onset of chilly Winter weather I have been hitting the sewing machine hard.  So much so I think it needs a service but with a number of projects needing work and an upcoming retreat (can't wait!) I think it might have to hang in there for a bit longer.
I have recently finished a larger quilt, which is to be donated, but it deserves a post of its own at a later date once it has been handed over.  In the meantime I am working on a couple of projects, a batik sampler quilt for myself and some blocks for a quilting bee.
I haven't been in a bee for a while and am really enjoying this one.  The briefs are not too demanding but are challenging enough to make them interesting and are based on the theme of scraps and solids.  Here are the completed months so far:

Sprouts block:  We had to make 4 sprouts as they are rectangles rather than squares.  I chose to do pink, dark blue, light blue and purple. 

 I really liked being able to use little pieces of my hedgehog and Eiffel tower materials. :)

While waiting for the next set of instructions I moved onto the samples for my month - a woven block.  This is a pretty easy design to make but I wanted (and want the others) to play with light and dark - especially in the use of the 2 purple "ribbons".  I think it will look really effective and clean when all put together.

 Funnily enough (obviously great minds and all that) two of our participants chose to both do a Granny Square block inspired by crocheted granny squares.  One wanted red, black and white -
 The other just wanted our favourite scraps -
I love the graphic nature of the red and black together and the contrast of the really modern lines in one and the more traditional feel of the other and how they still work together.
The second pair showcases some beautiful Anna Maria Horner scraps I had left over from the special quilt I just completed (the fabric is from the "Innocent Crush" line) and some citrus coloured fabrics from my stash.  In case you didn't get the citrus theme the centre block is a lemon print. :)  I don't often work with these colours but was inspired after trying them out in another block of the month...which brings me to...

 Alleyways.  Each month at our PMQG meetings someone chooses a block for everyone to make from this book.  This month was Alleyways.  For some reason, I think because our lemon, lime and orange trees are in fruit, I thought a citrus theme would be nice.
This was the block from a few months ago, Quatrefoil, but being new to the group I am catching up a bit.  There is no obligation but I like a challenge.  Unfortunately we don't have a vegetable garden that looks like this as my inspiration.
I went 1930s retro (and terrible mood lighting) for this doggy block.
I love a good block when I need a quick sewing pick me up.  They provide a lovely little opportunity to try out a new design or play with colours not normally chosen.  

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