Saturday, 3 December 2011

It's been a while.

I have been neglecting this blog recently.  Oops.  Maybe that would be a good new year's resolution - keep up to date and keep quilting!
So some photos and descriptions of recent creations:

This is a 60" square sofa throw for my mother.  She requested something with deep green in it and being a fan of Australiana I decided to largely use material from the Robert Kaufmann range "Under the Australian Sun".  I love the pink and turquoise line within it and think it really gives, what could have been a bit of a cliche, a real twist.  The pattern is adapted from one I found for jelly rolls. 
 The back is a sage broadcloth with a couple of accents added.
 The following three items are part of a Christmas order for my first proper word of mouth client!  She was fortunately very happy with the results. :)
First up is a table runner using a mixture of great materials sourced from the US (gee those guys know how to do Christmas!)  The tartan gives it a real Scottish Christmas feel and the little red birds are so cute.  The pattern is this one.

 The next item I made for her was a baby girl quilt.  It is quite a generous size, about 40" x 48" so it should last a while.  I started with the colourful daisy print and picked out colours from there. I love the baby animal print too - There is nothing too saccharin about this quilt, which I am very pleased about. :)  It is a square in square design, which always looks lovely and fresh and modern.
 Finally another table runner.  This time using real Americana Christmas materials, mostly (or maybe even entirely) from the "Jingle all the Way" series.  I adore this range because it is really understated in its Christmas motifs and yet when put together it shouts festive season.  It is a runner for a 6 seater table so ended up about 2m long (yes, I do sometimes use metric!)  The design is my own using traditional sawtooth and Ohio star blocks.  I had an image in my mind it came to fruition almost exactly, which was very exciting.  It is backed with the same gold check used in the sashing.

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